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Welcome to the Glanbrook blog! This is where you will find helpful tips and information to help you care for your furry friend. We are passionate about ensuring the health and happiness of all animals and sharing important, interesting, inspirational insights with pet owners.

In addition to practical tips, the blog will also showcase life at Glanbrook. Our clients are as amazing as our wonderful team! This space will shine a light on both from time to time through client stories, posts by Glanbrook team members other than myself (Dr. Heather McGowan) and lots more.

Check back often! Reach out in the comments section of each post to get answers to your questions or to let us know of a topic you'd like to us to cover. We are more than happy to help and look forward to hearing from you!



Jul 15, 2018
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Farewell to Saga HS

Nov 25, 2017

Another beautiful day in San Pedro Belize!  We started our day with a visit to the Aces School, to speak to a group of energetic children!  After having some fun with the kids, it was time to head back to Saga for 8 more surgeries and appointments.  As this is our last day volunteering, it made me think of the friendships that have been made with the staff at Saga Humane Society.  Saga is staffed by some amazing people who are completely dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those animals they rescue and have vowed to protect.  All the...

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What a Day!!!

Nov 23, 2017

Today was one I will never forget! Our day started out with Dr. Heather, Chris and myself expeting to have 20 surgeries, however we were relieved to find out we only had 10 waiting for us. We were successful in completing10 surgeries throughout the course of the day! Go Team!!!! One particular surgery was on a teeny tiny little female kitten. She was so small the surgical drape was covering her entire body! I could never have imagined watching a surgery on a patient that small! She must have only been around 6-8 weeks old. It was like Dr. Heather was performing micro surgery!...

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San Pedro November 2017: Busy, busy, busy...

Nov 21, 2017

We went to SAGA this morning with the intention of performing as many spays and neuters as possible. When we arrived however, there were several emergencies waiting to be seen. SAGA only has a veterinarian working two days a week, on a regular basis. So having another vet there today meant that everyone wanted to be seen! We managed to complete one spay, in between appointments. Her name was Lulu, a teeny, tiny kitten weighing only 0.85kg. As I was performing the spay, I thought of how Dr. Paul was currently at Glanbrook performing spays as well, ONLY UNDER COMPLETELY DIFFERENT...

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It feels good to be back!

Nov 20, 2017

It has been about 9 months since we were here, and it feels like yesterday. I am not sure how to read Karen and Chris? I feel like they are overwhelmed. I don't think they expected what they saw on our first visit to SAGA. We arrived on saturday afternoon. We visited SAGA on sunday morning, and helped Pearla feed all of the animals and clean their kennels. Currently, there are 60 dogs housed in "Fort Dog". 60 dogs, that need a forever home. We met "Penny", a three-pawed adolescent, who hasn't been adopted because she only has three paws. I fell in love. She...

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Corn! Not so bad afterall...

Sep 20, 2017

Nutrition is obviously a very important part of my job as a Veterinarian. I recently changed our sign at the road to read: "Corn is an essential nutrient.". My hope was this it would stimulate some good converstaion regarding the ingredient, and actually how great it really is. After receiving an inappropriate email from a passerby of the clinic, regarding our sign, I thought it necessary to spread the word! I have I always thought that diets/nutrition can definitely be a source of tension. I guess I just didn't realize how much!

I am very passionate about...

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Glanbrook Pet Diaries: Jake and Mortimer, Part 3

Apr 21, 2017

Day 1,274 of living with Jared and Sara: It’s ya boy, Morty! The sun has been out more and more lately! When our humans walk through the door, they no longer bring gusts of nasty cold air into the house! So much to be excited about! It’s the best! – Mortimer

Day 1,284: Mortimer has been extra hyper lately. Not sure why. It might be related to all that white stuff on the ground being gone…I do have to admit that it’s extra nice laying by the window in the sunlight and not having to see that stuff outside! Whatever it is. – Jake


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Blogging in......Caledonia :(: We are home safely

Jan 21, 2017

Its hard to believe that all the planning....all the fundraising...all the travel and the work....its over. However, I decided while we were down there, that this won't be the end. I am working on establishing a permanent bridge between Glanbrook and SAGA. The wheels are turning, and I have already discussed some plans with Dr. Jochem Lastdrager from the Saga Clinic (I believe I spelled that wrong in my last blog, so if you are reading Jochem, I'm sorry!). I'm excited for the possibilities this could bring. I learned a lot about myself this trip. I realized why I have been...

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Blogging in Belize Day 6: Traps, and Lungworms, and Mites! Oh My!

Jan 20, 2017

Our last day at Saga. We soaked up every moment. When we arrived this morning, we found a small puppy that  had been left in an outside kennel overnight. He was completely covered in sores and scabs and missing most of his hair....a pretty classic presentation of Demodectic Mange. However, the last case I diagnosed presented as just an itchy dog (a few weeks ago at GVS). This poor guy was crawling with Demodex - they were destroying him. We quickly examined him and bathed him to make him more comfortable. We warmed him up and placed him on iv fluids (luckily we had just donated an...

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